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Grow your list, Engage your sign ups, Integrate your data. Simple waitlist management, no programming required.

Affiliate System
Spread word of mouth by allowing users to improve their queue position by referring people.
User Engagement
Constantly re-engage users by allowing them to return to your site and check their position in line.
Extensible API
Use our simple export / management tools, or build your own interface with our JSON api.

Trusted by Thousands

Easy to use integrations

Slack 1a88df2497a64408a51b306d9aada7e4e44a1876c9747f81bf3be0492ae3f544
Build a community before you product is ready. Automatically invite reservations to a slack team.
Mailchimp 0316a1f62464c369627bcdbd2646578e0b9bfd5f3c2cc4f1d0ee5a8c4a808ea1
Communicate with users, easily sending them newsletters and product updates while you build your product.
Mailjet 2ba298495a11438ad53612acf74f065579896a1f3588f5bd4f15c7d914f52989
Send bulk or transaction email to perspective customers with our Mailjet list integration.
Drip e72dbf09dd90baead3e9f2297e3ae8e04a50cc4f8d54361eee7c1884ddc099e2
Automate everything in your marketing pipeline with Drip.
Wordpress 494e5353cad20d160fee570c061a08153982f01113d912fbb4a7e7919733ab07
Easily take new registrations from your Wordpress landing page with our easy to use plugin.
Zapier d1c60b675e1678534a3099fe29f9f902012b84509ed425cba4aafb7c3218885c
Connect with 500+ other services via Zapier.

Build an audience while you're still building your product

The Internet is an ever growing landscape of products.
We understand how important it is to make the launch of your product count.
Waitlisted helps you build and vet your early adopters, while also amplifying your social reach by gamifying the signup process.
Reservations 0d032ea006cb1785c085c5b054cea118661c3cd632a7621431396cecafe4ebe8

Elegant embedable modals

If you can add google analytics to your web page, you can start taking waitlist reservations.

Add your custom embed code and everything just works, no need to write html or css.

Instant social gamification

Create competition and reward for sharing your waitlist.

Users move up the list by referring friends.

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Completely Configurable

Turn off the waitlist, change the copy.

Have an easy to use, embedable, mailing list signup.

Config a180eae488e16ef0bf72db68ff3c36b456d183232e8b6d42f7f7614bec7a57a7


If you are having problems with fake sign ups and bots.

Turn on Re-Captcha to ensure signups are real, and preserve campaign integrity.

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Easy to use APIs

  $reservation = new \Waitlisted\Models\Reservation();
  $reservation->setEmail('[email protected]');
  $reservation->setName('PHP Test');
  $result = $api_instance->createReservation($reservation);

[waitlisted title="Join my waitlist."][/waitlisted]

  <button> Join my awesome waitlist!</button>
var reservation = new Waitlisted.Reservation(); = '[email protected]' = 'Waitlisted API'
api.createReservation(reservation).then(function(data) {
require "waitlisted"
reservation = Waitlisted::Reservation.create(email: "[email protected]")
puts "Your position is #{reservation.position} of #{}"
from waitlisted import reservation
res = reservation.create({'email': '[email protected]'})
print "Your position is %s of %s" % (res.position,
import co.waitlisted.Reservation;
HashMap<String, String> options = new HashMap<>();
options.put("email", "[email protected]");
Reservation reservation = Reservation.create(options);
System.out.printf("Your position is %s of %s.%n", res.getPosition(), res.getTotal());
#include waitlisted.h
[Reservation create:@{@"email": @"[email protected]"} then:^(Reservation *reservation) {
  NSLog(@"Your position is %@ of %@.", reservation.position,;